How to End Bullshit Work

Creating Lean Process Maps

Everyday your company wastes too much time on avoidable tasks because the communication within cross-departemental processes doesn't work.

Our Step by Step Toolkit enables you to create Process Maps and to implement them within your company. Simply learn how to visualize workflows and link all relevant resources at one place.

How does it work?

Step 1
Prepare Map
Step 2
Build Prototype
Step 3
Gain Support
Step 4
Collect Input
Step 5
Enrich Map
Step 6
Implement Map
Step 7
Maintain Map
Boost Process Performance

Let your employees find all the informationen they need to get the job done without additional work. Improve cross-departemental communication and understanding of business processes. Simply create interactive Process Maps that link all relevant resources to the specific tasks. Highlight additional information, common mistakes or new changes and continously collect input from the departments that are involved in the process.

Low Input - High Impact

We believe that successful knowledge management has to be pragmatic. Often it is the lack of just a few but important pieces of information that leads to additional calls, e-mails or other kinds of interruptions.

By rapidly visualizing business processes, variants and tasks a common understanding of the actual work is created. Based on that your team is able to identify these most important pieces of information and deliver them to everybody in the moment of need.

Access All Relevant Resources

Probably many resources that support a business process already existst within the different departments. This might be templates, check lists, forms, screencasts, FAQs or just e-mails. The problem is that nobody knows where these are located.

Simply link all the supporting resources that were already created but currently not found when needed. You don't need to convert or upload anything - all you need is a link.

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